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Portfolio: Client

For user-first sites/apps looking to drive revenue without sacrificing the user experience, Adzerk is a cloud API platform for building integrated native ads. Unlike creating a native ad platform from scratch - which could take years - Adzerk’s APIs enable developers to create one in just weeks.


Entigral Systems delivers the RFID industry’s most flexible and adaptable solution for rapid, measurable improvements for asset management and tracking. Entigral Systems teams with large systems integrators and VARs to provide customers with both cutting edge technology and sound business planning.


Physcient develops surgical instruments that give surgeons unprecedented speed and safety. Many of today's instruments were designed decades ago. We are replacing them with instruments that combine surgical biomechanics with modern materials and electronics. Our instruments will reduce tissue trauma and surgical mistakes, improving outcomes and decreasing hospital costs, while remaining inexpensive and simple to use.


Drowning is the #1 Killer of young children and the #2 cause of serious injury among all children. SEAL Innovation has developed an innovative new swim monitor and drowning detection device in order to put an end to these issues. SEAL SwimSafe allows parents and lifeguards to better monitor their children at pools.


Stealz is a social media engagement tool that helps businesses turn their customers into brand ambassadors. Its mobile app drives C2C marketing by enabling & encouraging users to share photos of their favorite experiences on social media during their visit. It also serves as a platform for guests to leave candid feedback about their experience.  Businesses also enjoy access to a host of detailed customer data & app activity metrics on a robust analytics Dashboard.


Testive is a web platform that delivers personalized educational tools for teachers and students. The program uses a program developed at MIT to speed up the learning feedback cycle. Its private tutoring products use technology to deliver one-on-one instruction at a lower cost than any other private instruction model.


Windsor Circle, Inc. provides eCommerce, retail, and customer intelligence software to online marketers to automatically build and update customer segments based on purchase history information. The company offers an all-in-one Retention Marketing Platform that integrates clients’ eCommerce and email platforms; provides automated analysis of their customer, product, and purchase data; and enables instant marketing action by updating targeted customer segments in their email accounts. Windsor Circle was acquired by OSG in early 2018.



Portfolio: Client
Carpe Lotion logo

Carpe Antiperspirant Lotion is an over-the-counter daily treatment for sweaty hands and feet.


FilterEasy is an air filter service that’s smart and simple. You sign up once, then we deliver your specified filters to your door... on your schedule... every time you need them.


iScribes is a technology company that provides physicians with mobile apps and wearable technology. iScribes equips physicians with a mobile app and wearable technology to record patient visits, enabling offsite trained medical scribes to access recordings through their secure portal and efficiently complete documentation directly in providers’ EMR systems. iScribes was acquired by Nuance in 2017.

Mimikai art

Mimikai is creating a line of insect repellants from plant-based compounds. The unique formula is non-toxic and will be as effective as DEET.  


Mira is the crowd analytics platform. Driven by location events, first and third party consumer data, and a large mobile audience network, Mira brings web analytics to physical locations. The platform can be used to dynamically tailor digital out-of-home content, gain physical audience insights, or monetize mobile apps.


NeuroPlus helps children with attention difficulties improve their focus and self-control with brain-controlled video games. Users wear a headset that measures their brain-activity and body movement, and play a video game that challenges them to focus and sit still. Children drastically improve their attention skills after just a few hours of training with NeuroPlus. We sell directly to families as a subscription software-as-a-service.

OrbitalRx logo.jpg

OrbitalRx is an efficient, all-in-one drug shortage management solution for hospitals. The platform enables hospital and pharmacy managers to automate and organize the systems that are crucial components of the medication supply chain. Hospital management can now respond to drug shortages without the typical frustration.

Pryon Y logo.png

Pryon is a startup focused on monopolizing AI assistants for enterprise applications of data, in other words, the Alexa or Siri for enterprises. Just as consumers are becoming accustomed to having voice interactive agents in the home, workers and management will want the same type of interoperability with their enterprise databases and contextual adaptation for quick answer to myriad queries.


ProAxion is a technology startup helping to define the Industrial Internet of Things. Our easy-to-install cloud-connected sensors help facilities prevent unexpected failure of critical machines. We are the first to offer Predictive Maintenance as a Service (PdMaaS) with a straightforward subscription model. Our founding team has 37 years of experience with industrial machinery applications, data telemetry and cloud-based software development.


RocketBolt is an automated sales assistant that helps account-based salespeople -- e.g. consultants, lawyers, & enterprise sales teams -- manage their complex sales cycles. Salespeople integrate RocketBolt with their email, websites, and social media so it can continuously monitor the activity of important contacts and alert users about relevant outreach opportunities.


Camras Vision is an ophthalmic medical device company developing a patented new technology for the 67 million glaucoma sufferers. Ophthalmologists are faced with limited surgical treatments due to their instability and unpredictability in controlling glaucoma. As a result, 1 out of 10 patients still lose their vision even when properly treated. Camras Vision wishes to address these problems with their device, the Camras Shunt.

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